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When is your next delivery/pick up?

Christmas orders will close once sold out or on December 6th. 

Pick up and delivery is available 4pm-8pm Christmas Eve and 11am-2pm Christmas Day. 

Can we amend items in our order or delivery/pick up date?

Unfortunately we are unable to accomodate any variations of the menu or any pick up/ delivery times outside the options provided.

Is the food cooked?

All dishes are cooked and ready to heat or assemble, no chopping/cooking required. 

Our guests have dietary requirements?

Please see link to allergen page 

What if my address falls outside your delivery areas?

Please contact us as delivery may be possible to your address. 

How is the food packaged?

Your food will arrive chilled in a silver cardboard box. The components of item will be clearly labelled.

Does my order come with instructions?

Yes, each order will contain specific easy to follow heating/assembly instructions. Should you have any issues there is a phone number to call for assistance.

Do I need to be home to receive my order?

No, you can leave us a note as to where to leave your order and it will stay chilled for 2-3 hours after delivery.

I have a food allergy, how do I know if the food is safe for me to consume?

If any of the 14 major food allergens are present they will be noted either on the food item or instruction sheet.

What do I do with the packaging?

All our packaging is to be returned, recycled, reused or composted. 

What happens if I'm not happy with my order?

In the unlikely event that our items are not up to standard please contact the team and we will be happy to discuss a refund. 


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